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fAQs much is this going to cost

Like any other organization, sororities offer a wide variety of opportunities but require funding in order to maintain operations. Each member is expected to pay local and national dues, which typically are tabulated in one bill and may typically cover social events, house maintenance and usage fees, chapter programming events, educational workshops, philanthropy participation, sisterhood events, and apparel. Each chapter at San Diego State University has different costs and allocates money differently thus, the payments vary from chapter to chapter. On the fourth day of Primary Recruitment, also known as Philanthropy Day, your student will receive a financial transparency sheet from the chapters from which they attended detailing the specific cost per semester and how dues are allocated. 

Payment plans and scholarships are sometimes available for students who wish to join but are limited by financial constraints. The semester that you are a new member is generally the most expensive due to new member fees, initiation fees, and official products and insignia given. After the initial semester of membership, the cost will decrease. 

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a financial obligation. Make sure to discuss this with your student prior to the start of recruitment or intake process so you can set a realistic budget

 Do Sororities Haze?

No! All of Chapter's Nationals and SDSU have firm policies towards hazing. Any and all reports of hazing taken very seriously!

Participation in a hazing practice will result in both individual and organizational disciplinary action, including possible expulsion.

Commission of hazing is also a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and up to a $5,000 fine.

Hazing cases that involve serious bodily injury or death may be charged as felonies.

Disciplinary action will also be instituted against officers who permit hazing to occur within their own organization and students who allow themselves to be hazed may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Any proven hazing incident involving serious bodily injury will result in revocation of University recognition, and where applicable, a recommendation to national organization for revocation of the organization's charter.

Report Hazing:

How do i help my student prepare for primary recruitment?

You are in the perfect spot! Have your student look over the "Recruitment" tab on this site and make sure they fill out their Recruitment Registration form completely and complete all additional modules by the deadline. Remind them not to stress out about outfits or superficial stereotypes, and it's important for them to remember to be their most authentic self. SDSU practices values-based recruitment, meaning we just want to get to know them in order to help them potentially find their perfect home away from home. 

 Does my student need a refernce/letter of recommendation for primary recruitment?

Nope, though letters of recommendation are a common practice amongst other Panhellenic councils nationwide, SDSU Panhellenic does not collect letters of recommendation in order to participate in Primary Recruitment. 

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